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The California Lemon Law is a consumer protection law that gives buyers of new or used vehicles the right to cancel their purchase contract if the vehicle has severe defects that make it unsafe or inoperable. If you are a vehicle buyer in California who has experienced problems with your vehicle, you may be entitled to a buyback under the Lemon Law.

What is a buyback?

A buyback is an agreement in which the buyer returns the vehicle in exchange for a full refund of the purchase price. The Lemon Law establishes that the customer has the right to repurchase if the vehicle has serious defects that make it unsafe or unusable.

How is buyback calculated?

The trade-in price is calculated based on the original purchase price of the vehicle, adjusted for the following factors:

The buyback price may also include the following expenses:

Who pays the repurchase costs?

The seller of the vehicle is responsible for paying all buy-back costs, including the costs of transporting the vehicle to the seller.

What happens if the seller does not accept the buyback?

If the seller does not agree to the repurchase, the buyer can file a claim in a claims court. This court may order the seller to repurchase or may award the buyer damages.

If you believe you are entitled to a buyback under the Lemon Law, it is essential that you contact the expert team at GB Legal. We will help you present your case and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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