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Cycling is a popular activity that offers a variety of physical and mental benefits. But unfortunately, even the most experienced cyclists can be vulnerable to potentially severe injuries from collisions with vehicles, unexpected falls, or contact with other cyclists.

It is vital that cyclists understand the risks associated with cycling and take the necessary precautions to stay safe.


Road conditions and the negligence of car drivers are often the leading causes of bicycle accidents. As drivers become increasingly distracted by their mobile phones, they fail to check their lanes for cyclists before opening their vehicle doors.

This negligence can have fatal, life-altering consequences for cyclists, so it is essential that drivers pay attention and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Benefits available

In California, bicyclists have the right to seek damages for personal injuries sustained in a bicycle accident.

This right is protected by state law, which allows bicyclists to file a claim and receive financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with the incident.

What to do after the accident?

Bicycle accidents can be severe and are not to be taken lightly. Therefore, after an accident, it is essential that you seek medical attention. This will not only ensure that any injuries are addressed immediately, but will also provide a record of the incident in case legal action is needed.

Get in touch with your insurance company to file a claim to see if you are covered for any damage you may have sustained.

Compile as much information as possible about the incident and the people involved. This includes contact details, names, addresses, license plate numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

Taking photos with your phone can also be beneficial in providing a more detailed record of the incident.

Consulting an experienced GBLaw attorney can be very beneficial in terms of gaining insight into the process and learning about the various options available.

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