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Finding justice after an accident that caused you injury may seem simple. However, the reality is that personal injury cases in California and throughout the United States can take longer than you expect.

So what factors contribute to the delay in a personal injury case?

Building a solid case

To increase your chances of getting fair compensation, your attorney should spend considerable time building a solid case. This involves:

This process of research and evidence-building can take time, but it is crucial to ensuring the success of your case. 

Negotiations with insurers: a battle of patience

Once we have built a solid case, we will begin negotiating with the responsible party’s insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers are notorious for delaying offers or trying to convince you to accept a much smaller sum than you are entitled to.

This is where the experience and tenacity of your attorney play a critical role. At GB Legal, we have a team specializing in negotiating with insurance companies. 

The legal system: legal mazes that require expertise

In some cases, taking your case to court may be necessary. The court system can be complex and have lengthy deadlines. However, we have a team that is experienced in litigating personal injury cases. 

We will navigate the legal system efficiently to get you the desired results.

You don’t have to face this alone. At GB Legal, we are committed to fighting for you. Call us today at (866) 943-8444 for a free consultation.

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