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Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident in Southern California? Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe premises—if they don’t, and this negligence results in someone getting injured, they must compensate the accident victim for their medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

You must be able to prove, with evidence, that the property owner’s negligence directly contributed to your fall accident. This can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are going up against a large corporation with its own legal team and the funds to back it up. This is where our law firm comes in.

The Law Offices of Gary Berkovich has successfully negotiated and litigated numerous settlements for past clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents. Our Los Angeles slip & fall attorneys understand how these claims work and are not afraid to go up against big companies in court. If you want a strong, experienced, and responsive legal advocate on your side, reach out to us right away.

Our law firm is available 24/7. Call (818) 290-8942 now or contact us online to speak directly to a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles about your case.

Common Slip & Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling may not sound like the type of accident worth taking seriously. Yet, falls regularly lead to serious injury and even death, especially among older people. However, people of all ages are susceptible to falls and their effects, so it is wise to understand the risks no matter how old you are.

Slip and falls may result in one or more of the following injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Falls are the leading cause of TBIs in the United States. While a fall generally results in nothing more than a mild concussion, other more severe traumatic brain injuries can occur as well. The most severe TBIs can lead to permanent brain damage or death.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones caused by a fall can be very painful and require expensive medical treatment. An elderly person who sustains broken bones is especially at risk to further injury. Hip, wrist, and ankle fractures are common in slip and falls.
  • Spinal cord injuries: This is probably the most serious injury that can result from a fall. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent, debilitating damage and even be life-threatening.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Sprains and tears can likely be easily repaired if promptly treated; if not, such injuries can lead to chronic pain and other complications.

Where Do Slip & Fall Accidents Happen?

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere and cause serious injuries. They often occur in these common areas such as:

  • Grocery stores
  • Malls
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Private residences
  • Apartment complexes
  • Parking lots

Common Causes of Falls

Owners, property managers, and other people in charge of commercial or residential property are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that their buildings, homes, parking lots, yards, and other surrounding areas are safe for guests. This means that it is their legal duty to ensure their property is free of safety hazards, or at least adequately warns visitors of any potential dangers and protects them from injury as best they can.

Slip and fall accidents can result from:

  • Uneven pavements or walkways
  • Wet floors
  • Standing water
  • Obstructions in a walkway
  • Lack of warning signs in a construction area
  • Lack of warning signs near a recently cleaned or waxed floor
  • A defective or missing stair
  • Staircases without hand railings
  • Ice and snow
  • Poor lighting
  • Improperly placed floor mats
  • Use of incorrect flooring material

If a property owner fails to take reasonable safety precautions and you or a loved one gets hurt, then you have a right to sue for damages.

    How to Prove Property Owner Negligence

    One of the biggest challenges in premises liability cases is proving liability for the injuries sustained. There are many factors of proving liability but generally, the injured party will have to prove:

    • that the person whose actions led to the injury (the defendant) owned, leased or occupied the property

    • that the defendant was negligent in their use or treatment of the property

    • that this negligent behavior was a substantial factor in causing the injuries sustained

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    Our law firm is available 24/7. Call (818) 290-8942 now or contact us online to speak directly to a Los Angeles slip & fall lawyer about your case.

    Get the Compensation You Deserve

    At Law Offices of Gary Berkovich, we do not take slip and fall accidents lightly. We understand the toll these accidents can take on your health and well being and want to help.

    If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall and need compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses, Gary B. will get you the money you deserve. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

    Call (818) 290-8942 or contact us online to set up your free case evaluation. English, Spanish, and Russian consultations are available.

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      Whether you need help with your case, or with finding medical care, the Law Offices of Gary Berkovich is here to walk alongside you.

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      Attorney Gary Berkovich has over 20 years of legal experience defending the rights of the injured.

      I love the people from the Law Offices of Gary Berkovich. I feel confident that Benjamin and the Law Offices of Gary Berkovich will get me the support I need to restore the extreme damages and struggles I have faced.

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