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Top 5 Summer Slip and Fall Hazards

Summer is a fun time of year but can also be one of the most dangerous. Slip and fall hazards can be found in all kinds of places, and they can make an otherwise enjoyable summer getaway turn into a traumatic experience. That’s why we have created this list of the top 5 slip and fall hazards you need to know about before heading outdoors.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a prime example of how we can't always rely on common sense to keep us safe this summer. We know not to run around pools for safety, but sometimes accidents happen when walking around the pool. It’s not your fault; sometimes, a wet tile can be slippery, leading to some nasty falls.

A quick way to steer clear of some nasty falls is having a fence near your pool to avoid accidents. Check the fence around any pool you use, and make sure it's at least 4 feet high. Make sure there's a self-closing, self-latching gate if there are any holes in the fence, and try not to climb over it if you can help it—those fences are usually pretty thin and flimsy.


Sprinklers are a common sight during summer, but they can be dangerous. Sprinklers can cause slip-and-fall injuries, especially if they're not properly maintained and kept in good condition. Be careful when walking around your lawn or passing by a home with sprinklers! Often water around sprinkler systems can pool up, and unsuspecting people can slip from the lack of traction. Likewise, wet grass or leaves can be tricky to get a good grip on, and you might be looking at a bad fall if you’re not careful.

Docks and Boats

Many slips and fall accidents occur on docks, boats, and other recreational vehicles because they are often wet and have a slick surface. If you plan to be near these areas this summer, you must take precautions to avoid slips and falls.

Wear non-slip shoes, slip-resistant or have good grip: Make sure your footwear has rubber soles that provide traction when walking on wet surfaces (non-slip) or materials that resist water from sinking into them (waterproof). Also, keep docks and surfaces clean to avoid moss or algae growth, as these organic materials can be slippery!

Footwear and Lighting Issues

A good pair of shoes is essential to preventing summer slip and fall accidents, especially for many of those working outside. Suitable footwear should be comfortable, durable, and appropriate for the job. In addition, wearing sturdy boots with ankle support is a good idea when working outdoors on rough terrain or uneven surfaces.

If you are walking on uneven ground, such as concrete, at work or home, you should consider wearing nonslip soled shoes with rubber treads or ridges to help prevent falls if you slip on the surface. You should also ensure that your workplace has adequate lighting installed wherever hazards such as wet floors or slippery metal stairs exist.

Even if you are just around your home, make sure to check on your lights because the last thing you want to do is take an extra significant step up a staircase and fall face first onto some stairs. It may sound silly to consider these precautions as they feel pretty obvious, but we remind you for a reason. Often whether we’re tired from work or distracted by errands, we can forget these small precautions as we go through the motions. Take a second to pause, and you can hopefully avoid some significant accidents.

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