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Who Is At Fault for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents?

Who Is At Fault for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents?

Understanding Self-Driving Car Accidents

Tesla made headlines in 2014 upon the rollout of their "Autopilot" feature. Complete with steering, parking, and cruise control assistance, the vehicle allows for almost entirely hands-off driving. However, the company has been coming under fire during 2021 for advertising that these vehicles are fully autonomous and by those criticizing the safety of the feature.

Despite the company's insistence that using Autopilot requires "active driver supervision," nearly a dozen people have died due to improper use. As autonomous vehicles begin to roll out on a larger scale in everything from rideshare services to semi-trucks, the question of accident liability is becoming more common. Here's what you need to know.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

As with any motor vehicle accident, many parties can be held liable for collisions involving self-driving cars. At the moment, no vehicle on the market is entirely autonomous. Because of this, a driver is required to be at the steering wheel and an active participant, just like they would if they were controlling the car.

However, these vehicle manufacturers and software engineers are under much more strict scrutiny. Even with an active "driver" behind the wheel, software failure in the middle of a busy road can have devastating consequences if the driver is unaware that it's happening or is trying to troubleshoot while driving.

Ultimately, the at-fault party is largely going to depend on the circumstances surrounding the crash. As such, all drivers should assume responsibility for keeping the roads safe.

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys

California drivers annually register more Teslas than any other state, highlighting the importance of making smart roadway decisions no matter what vehicle you drive. If you have been injured in a collision with a negligent driver, trust Law Offices of Gary Berkovich to work for you and hold them accountable.

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