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We’ve all heard of people hiring personal injury lawyers, but how do you know if you need one yourself? This seems like the kind of thing that should be obvious when it happens, but from experience, at Gary Berkovich Law Offices, we know it isn’t. We’ve been helping our customers handle cases involving personal injury in Sherman Oaks, CA for years. We know that people don’t always get the assistance of a personal injury lawyer when they need it. We put together this short four-step guide to help those who have suffered personal injury know when they need to contact a lawyer.

4 Ways To Know If You Need A Lawyer For Personal Injury In Sherman Oaks, CA

Personal injury lawyers get involved in cases where serious injuries have been experienced or complex legal rules are involved. The insurance company may refuse a good faith settlement, or another circumstance may require the inclusion of a personal injury lawyer. The following are reasons why you might need help with personal injury in Sherman Oaks, CA.

  1. If You Have Permanent Or Long-Term Disabling Injuries

    If your injuries require you to have ongoing care due to permanent or long-term injuries, you definitely need a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer has the experience and knowledge to determine the value of your injuries, and how to properly assess how they will impact your ability to make a living. In order to make an appropriate claim, you need someone who can assess the reality of your injuries.

  2. Severe Injuries Occurred

    The severity of your injuries is going to play directly into the results of your personal injury claim. Insurance companies will need to know the type of injury you’ve experienced, how severe it was, the medical bills involved, and how long it took you to recover. The at-fault party’s insurance will have a max limit they are willing to pay as part of their policy. When dealing with personal injury in Sherman Oaks, CA, you should have a lawyer who will make sure you get every penny you’re entitled to.

  3. There Were Multiple Parties Involved In The Case

    A lawyer will definitely be necessary in cases where multiple parties are involved. Figuring out who is responsible and for how much in these cases is quite complicated, especially when multiple people have been injured. If there are multiple parties involved, get a personal injury lawyer involved.

  4. The Insurance Company May Refuse To Pay Or Use Bad Faith Tactics

In some cases, an insurance company may refuse to offer a fair settlement or any settlement at all. If you aren’t able to get an offer from the insurance company of the person at fault, or the company isn’t negotiating, you want to hire a lawyer for personal injury in Sherman Oaks, CA immediately. The lawyer you select should be experienced in handling personal injury cases.

Our team at Gary Berkovich Law Offices have been helping clients like you get the compensation they deserve from personal injury cases. You’re dealing with enough medical treatment and trying to get back to your normal life without having to struggle with these insurance companies alone. One phone call and you’ll have the assistance of an expert team dedicated to getting you every penny of compensation you deserve.

    I love the people from the Law Offices of Gary Berkovich. I feel confident that Benjamin and the Law Offices of Gary Berkovich will get me the support I need to restore the extreme damages and struggles I have faced.

    - Henry J.

    He always stayed on top of things to make sure I knew what was taking place. I give this office and its staff five stars they're absolutely amazing.

    - Denise M.

    They were awesome... Always returned our calls and answers all our questions. Always with a great attitude.

    - Tony T.

    They were so helpful and knowledgeable on how to best service my case and take care of me.

    - Valerie C.

    Everyone there is informative and willing to help in any way they can.

    - Theresa B.

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