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Dog Bites In Sherman Oaks, CA

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may be wondering what recourse you can take to get compensation for your trauma. Dogs are typically playful and fun, and only get aggressive when they feel their territory is being invaded. When they do, their teeth can cause serious damage and leave an injury that can be scarring and life-changing. At Gary Berkovich Law Office, we have been helping people who are victims of dog bites in Sherman Oaks, CA get the compensation they are due. If you’re wondering whether you need to hire a dog bite lawyer, this article will help you decide.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For Dog Bites In Sherman Oaks, CA?

Your first thought following being bitten may not be to contact a lawyer, but it’s one that should occur to you fairly quickly. Getting a consultation with an expert on dog bites in Sherman Oaks, CA, can be an important first step toward protecting your rights as a victim of a dog attack. This is especially true if the at-fault party has a lawyer or insurance company on their side, given that dogs are usually covered under home-owners insurance.

What Will A Lawyer Do For Dog Bites In Sherman Oaks, CA?

There are a few steps that a lawyer will take when preparing for a case involving a dog attack. We’ll start by having our investigators collect evidence related to the case. This evidence can include the location the attack took place, whether the dog was at large at the time, and previous incidents involving the aggressive dog. We’ll also determine if there are any additional experts required and help address any questions you may have about the legal details of your case.

There Is No Free Bite For Dog Bites In Sherman Oaks, CA

In some states, dogs get a free pass if a biting incident is their first one. This isn’t the case in California. Dog owners in this state are liable for any and all injuries their pets cause, even if it’s their first incident. It’s possible for a dog to be known as dangerous and still not get a pass on their first bite. Don’t let their owner’s apologies, concern, or shock convince you not to seek your rightful compensation. The owner’s homeowner's insurance will usually cover any compensation you require.

Is My Dog Bite Severe Enough For Legal Representation?

No matter how minor the dog wound, there is always a risk of it becoming infected. Additionally, there is always a concern that you may experience long-standing psychological trauma related to dogs following the bite. The CDC reports that of all dog bites one out of five will become infected. The best course of action available to you following a dog bite is to contact an attorney so they can determine what form of representation you need and what kind of compensation you’re due.

The experts at Gary Berkovich Law Offices have been helping people like you get the compensation they deserve when dog bites happen. With their years of experience, they’ll determine what you’re due, including scar reduction surgery, loss of income, mental anguish, therapy, and medical bills resulting from the bite. Make a call today and let our experts help you!

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