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Steps to Resolving Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, even in our evolved society, there are still cases of sexual harassment. For some, when they experience sexual harassment, they are dumbfounded by the experience and wonder if what happened, actually happened. Others, unfortunately, are well-versed in the signs of pervasive sexual harassment. No matter what your response is, you don’t have to live in fear and be the victim of someone else’s stupidity, immaturity, and selfishness.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual Harassment Is any unwanted sexual attention, advances, or remarks made towards you. Resolving problems can feel awkward, but you are entitled to feel safe in your workplace, your place of learning, or other environment, and in some cases, may help someone, the perpetrator, grow. Some people can simply be uneducated or unaware of social norms and may unintentionally be making you uncomfortable, but there are definitely others who have a clear intent.

First Steps

Many cases of sexual harassment can be resolved through informal means. If you are experiencing sexual harassment, take a moment or a night’s sleep to understand what happened, and if still upset, resolve to talk to the person in private. Most people will understand and a simple conversation will resolve the issue. If the remark was minorly offensive, and you still feel safe, consider having a three-strikes policy: After three minor and offensive comments, make an attempt to resolve with the person.

Tip: Take note of the time, place, and other important factors when the event or events occur. No matter what step of the process you are in whether you are in the first steps or need to contact an attorney at law, you need to remember the important aspects of the occurrence so you can address the problem with the perpetrator or proper authorities effectively.

Follow Procedure

If a private conversation doesn’t resolve the problem, it may be time to consider formal steps toward reconciliation. Every company or academic environment should already have a procedure in place for all sexual harassment complaints. If unsure what the procedure is, contact your HR representative, and become familiar with the necessary steps. If your workplace doesn’t have an HR department, or you are unsure who to contact, go to your supervisor or his/her supervisor if they are the perpetrator.

Contact the Equal Employment Commission

If speaking with your supervisor, and following your company’s sexual harassment procedure, doesn’t end the problem, it may be time to contact the EEOC, Equal Employment Commission, or similar organization. They will launch an investigation to see if your situation, may warrant legal action. Though contacting the EEOC, or similar agency, will not bring resolution to the problem, it will bring you closer to hopefully the end of your problem.

Contact an Attorney at Law

If the EEOC thinks you have a viable case, contact an attorney at law who can help you in sexual harassment cases. Though involving an attorney at law can be expensive, ultimately you must consider your own safety and how sexual harassment may be hurting you not only personally, but financially: Many victims not only suffer from anxiety but may also lose work and sometimes their jobs over these instances.

Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment, call the attorneys at law at the Offices of Gary Berkovich in Sherman Oaks, to get the legal advice you deserve. You deserve to have a safe environment to work or learn in and unwanted sexual advances that have been addressed and that are still occurring are not “okay” and they are not “just part of the job.”

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