Don’t Make These Mistakes After A Car Accident In San Diego

It’s always a bad time to learn from your mistakes immediately following a car accident. One error can cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses or lost wages. As a trusted accident lawyer in San Diego, we’ve got some common mistakes people make after car accidents so that you don’t make the same ones!

  • Not calling the police immediately following the accident. If you’ve been in a car accident, you should call the police. Period. You need an office police accident report to document how everything happened, what injuries occurred, and what was damage. The police will be able to collect insurance and contact information from both parties, too.
  • Admitting fault. You should never admit fault after an accident. Your words can and will likely be used against you – especially if your case goes to court! Stick to the facts and only discuss the accident with the police, your car accident lawyer, and your insurance company.
  • Not seeing a doctor. While we understand that everyone has a busy life, you must absolutely make time to go see a doctor and get a check up after you’re in a car accident. Don’t ever assume that your injuries are minor. Have a doctor document all of your injuries sustained – even if they’re minor. This will help you if you need compensation for lost wages or more.
  • Signing settlement papers. You should never talk to an insurance adjuster before talking to your San Diego accident lawyer as this can put you in a dangerous place.

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